The Trump Nightmare Personified

Harry Tropoloc/Facebook Screenshot
Harry Tropoloc/Facebook Screenshot

If you ever wondered what black America sees in their mind’s eye when they imagine a Trump supporter;


If you questioned what the people wringing their hands in apprehension and dismay thought would happen when Trump took office;

If you wondered what immigrants, Muslims, and all of non-white America imagines when they read about the cocksure, white “silent majority” Trump’s presidency has emboldened, look no further. Click on the video below.

This is Harry Tropoloc of Irving, Texas (Of course he’s in Texas. Where the hell did you think he’d be from other than the state where they elected George Bush and Rick Perry as their leader, think they need a border wall to stop people coming over to visit their stolen land and continue to vote for Ted Cruz).

Harry was at WalMart one day and when he discovered he couldn’t see out of the glasses he purchased, Harry asked to see a white employee. According to the Dallas Morning News, when he had to talk to Adela—a U.S. citizen of over 20 years from El Salvador—he decided to go on a racist rant.

Because...white people.


Because Trump’s ascendence has so energized the small population of “real Americans” who were quietly seething about the oxymoronic immigrants minorities who are too lazy to work, but also take all the jobs. They eat too much. They work too hard. They act so... American.


Pointing at an African-American woman in a wheelchair he asked “Who do you think pays her hospital bill?”

Tropoloc went on to say “All of these foreigners are living off of us good, working white people, ” adding, “Y’all should go to your own countries and fix up your own countries!”


This is the nightmare that people worried about when they first heard their future President introduce his campaign by painting Mexicans as rapists. If the leader of the free world can talk to the entire nation like that in his presidential address, then why can’t a Texan who installs gutters do the same to a WalMart employee? This is what people mean when they talk about “normalizing” Trump. This is why people feel comfortable telling others to “go back to” fill-in-the-blank. This is why there is an uptick in hate crimes.

This is America now.

Can’t you feel it getting great again?



“a U.S. citizen of over 20 years”

Like the five year old handcuffed at the airport last month: a US citizen.

Like Ali’s ex and son detained at the airport: US citizens.

Me at the airport earlier this month? Fine, no problems, smiled at politely and wished a safe flight.

Don’t want to budge on the delusion that illegal immigration is the cause of all our woes? Fine, alt-right people, let’s talk about what’s being done to actual US citizens. Even if illegal immigration actually was the mortal threat to our country they think it is (which it isn’t, by any stretch), how US citizens are being treated in 45th’s reich should horrify everyone, not be justified by Shouty Spice (who said that people of any age can be threats).