The Tale of 2 Conventions Favors Obama

The Washington Post/Getty Images

Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson says that the message for Democrats is decidedly hopeful this year.

Judging by the party conventions, you'd wonder why this election is even close.

In Tampa, despite some unexpectedly amateurish stagecraft, Republicans put on a credible display of unity and resolve. No one could come away doubting that the party very much wants to defeat President Obama in November.

But I think it's fair to conclude the GOP's emphasis is on "Defeat Barack Obama," rather than on "Elect Mitt Romney." And many of the party's rising stars, judging by their convention speeches, seem to believe it's likely that Romney will lose.

Coming to Charlotte, I expected to see a party on the defensive. Instead, Democrats orchestrated a convention that felt strikingly focused and spirited. Speakers relentlessly emphasized the "Reelect Obama" side of the equation, relegating "Defeat Romney" to second billing. The oratory was superior, the visuals were more telegenic and there were no Clint Eastwood moments.


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