Redskins is just not a nice name and while the Supreme Court justice might concede as much in private, they've decided that the Native American activists' suit to have the Washington Redskins change their name is not worth their time. From the Washington Post:

"The court without comment refused to get involved in the long-running dispute. The decision essentially lets stand a lower court ruling that the activists waited too long to bring the challenge.

The team has been known as the Redskins since 1933, when the name was changed from the Boston Braves. It became the Washington Redskins in 1937, when the team moved south.

The lawsuit was filed in 1992, when seven activists challenged a Redskins trademark issued in 1967. They won seven years later in a decision by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, which said the name could be interpreted as offensive to Native Americans. The case is Harjo v. Pro-Football, Inc."

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Listen, The Buzz gets the whole tradition angle and what have you, but being old doesn't make something right. They're called the REDSKINS. It's, at the very least, not nice. Imagine if someone wanted to name a team the Detroit Blackfaces or the San Francisco Chinamen? Come on.