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We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Black News and Black Views with a Whole Lotta Attitude

The Root's Clapback Mailbag: The Black Lists

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A list of reasons why, each week, the Clapback Mailbag responds to emails, direct messages, tweets and comments from readers:

  1. Because we care.
  2. Where else would we respond to this racist bullshit?
  3. We asked, “What Would Jesus Do,” and he responded: “What the hell is a tweet?”
  4. It’s what Martin Luther King, Jr. would have wanted.
  5. Because... Wypipo
  6. Somebody’s gotta do this shit. Why not us?
  7. It’s actually stuff we wanted to say anyway.
  8. Spite.

Anyway, let’s read some mail.

The first two emails concern our efforts to diversify our coverage by offering our readers a peek into the often-ignored white shenanigans:

But you should know that neither of these letters linked to The Root’s article. Instead, they linked to a Yahoo News link that reposted the article.

Drom: Timothy M.
To: Michael Harriot

Mike, I just had the opportunity to read an article on the Root authored by you.

I have to say that I came away with the feeling that you are a vile racist piece of garbage. How does one go through life carrying so much bitterness and hate towards a group of people because of their skin color. You truly are an ignorant fool and an embarrassment to the human race. And by the way, referring to groups and individuals as “white supremacists” because it seems to be the in-thing these days with your thing-alike bots in the leftist media, does not absolve you of being the black supremacist that you clearly are. I know it’s probably tough going through life with a 3rd grade education, but just keep in mind that whitey is not out to get you, your failures in life are your own, no one else’s.

Leftist SJW vermin like you who hate others for their success , only do so because it’s easier than hating themselves for their failures.

PS, go fuck yourself cocksucker

From: David M.
To: The Root

I’m writing “The Root” to try and understand how such a vile, hateful, spiteful, and above all, RACIST piece of “journalism” linked below could actually be published from your organization:

Every day, I see articles and videos of black people committing robberies, rapes, murders, drive-by’s and assaults against non-blacks. Interracial crime is a BLACK thing, but something tells me you already know that. Colin Flaherty documents it daily on his website ( The one question even he isn’t able to answer is WHY. Now I think I know the answer.

Black people are the most RACIST group of people on this planet. And here I thought they were just the most violent, most sexually irresponsible, and least intelligent. I guess you learn something new everyday right?


Dear David and Timothy;

I realize that you saw this story on Yahoo News, so you might not be familiar with The Root’s content. As such, I would like to give you a brief explanation of our site from your perspective and outline our goals.


The Root is a Black Supremacist site that seeks to vilify white people and excuse black people for anything they do wrong. We’re not very good at the former, as we routinely write stories about R. Kelly and other criminals. In fact, if you look in our crime section, we obviously don’t point out black on black crime except when we point out injustices like the Jazmine Barnes case, pastors who steal from their community, the large number of trans women who are murdered every year and Umar Johnson.

But you don’t pay attention to our reports on education, economics, black excellence and politics because, of course, we believe everything is white people’s fault. That’s part of our black supremacy plan. In fact, I am going to break The Root’s protocol and explain the secret long-term step-by-step process of The Root’s black supremacist strategy for world domination:

Step 1. Make Black Supremacy Cultural: First, we convince black people that they are superior to white people. Our plan begins with teaching everyone that white people are inferior and blackness is superior. Our plot to make their women feel inadequate are well underway with the proliferation of tanning booths, butt implants and lip injections. The subconscious, anti-white racism in the articles is just the beginning. We’ll steal their music and their art and call it “American.”


Eventually, we will strip whites of their history and they won’t even remember a time when someone like Abraham Lincoln said during a debate:


Step 2. Make Black Supremacy Constitutional: Once they feel inferior, we will make them legally inferior. It won’t seem that way at first. First, we will put all the poor white people in the same neighborhoods as middle-class white people and rich white people. We know crime is just about economics but we also know that statistics say urban whites commit crime at higher rates than any other population. Soon, people will equate bad neighborhoods with the neighborhoods on the white side of town.

Then, our black supremacist government will secretly stop backing mortgage loans in white urban neighborhoods (we’ll call it “whitelining”). When this causes property values to decline, the revenue from homeowner taxes will decrease. Since, on average, 45 percent of school funding comes from local tax revenue, white schools will be underfunded, causing white kids to be undereducated, causing unemployment, causing poverty, causing more crime.


Of course, businesses won’t be in these crime-ridden pockets of poverty, so there will be fewer jobs, food deserts and less opportunity in the “ghetto.” Then we’ll get them to glorify the ghetto in their art so we can capitalize on it. (See Step 1: Stealing their music and art.)

Then we will pass “tough on crime” legislation to help them eliminate white-on-white crime in the Caucasian community, forcing brave cops to kill them disproportionately. But don’t worry, we have already taught the rest of the country that they are inferior, which will be backed up by education statistics, crime data and the glorification of violence, so their lives won’t matter. A few black people might support them by wearing t-shirts and we’d wonder why white players were ruining the good white sporting events by protesting at the Masters and the during the national anthem at hockey games.


Step 3. Make Black Supremacy Institutional: Our next step is to embed black power into politics. First, we’ll create a party to dog whistle anti-whiteness. And since we caged them in specific locations we will be able to gerrymander the political map so that their votes will be worth less. Now that they have fewer resources, we can disenfranchise them by making them jump through hoops to exercise their right to vote. Of course, since whites commit so much crime, we can deny felons the right to vote and say it has nothing to do with race. We can even target them with voter purges by zeroing in on majority white zip codes.

Undoubtedly, some of them will get angry. But since we control the political power, we will label those people “White Identity Extremists” and paint them as anti-American. In fact, we can infiltrate every political or social movement they create and cast it in a negative light.


The beauty of this plan is that it is foolproof. If they complain, we plan on asking them why they always talk about race. Whenever they bring up inequality, we can tell them that they need to concentrate on white on white crime and ask them about the high murder rate in Idaho. When we tell them that the key to the American dream is to work hard and concentrate on education, they will point to white neighborhoods and explain the lack of quality schools and jobs. They might even ask for affirmative action to equal the playing field but don’t fall for it. We believe in merit.

And if everything goes according to plan, one day, one of us might inadvertently stumble across someone who points out our infernal black supremacist plan. He might point out to all of the data and say that the system is rigged against white people, noting that all of the disparities and statistics come from the fact that nothing in Black Supremacist America is equal.


If that happens, we are going to have someone write that guy a sternly-worded letter accusing him of being the “real racist.” We’ll tell him about the statistics that show that he is the most violent, most sexually irresponsible and most uneducated.

Deep in our hearts, we will know that he is correct about black supremacy but never ever ever admit it that it exists. Even if he is smarter than you and if he shows you the data, the history and the reality of black supremacy, you only have one choice:

Call him a cocksucker and tell him to go fuck himself.

This next comment is from the article about City Girls and Cardi B’s new video

From: White is Right

And black people wonder why they’re not taken seriously?

Quick question — After R. Kelly documentary there was a serious discussion as to why black women are the least valued in American society (according to black people).

I present to you exhibit A.

Dear White is Right,

I wholeheartedly agree with you. I can’t understand why black women want to show their asses like that and flaunt the fact that they possess bodies that are so irresistibly fucking beautiful! Honestly, I consider this video a prime example of whiteshaming.


Now I will admit that if I was a woman who had a body like Cardi B, I’d walk around in the nude, but then again, I am an idiot. I stupidly believe I can wear what I want to wear, dance how I want to dance and expect people to treat me like a human being just because I am a human being.

But you’re probably right, twerking is probably what turned R. Kelly into a predator. After all, he is a man! How the fuck is he supposed to respect black women and not treat them like pieces of meat when they are brazenly dancing and enjoying themselves all up in his face?


I understand exactly where you are coming from. You’re totally not racist for thinking that the women in a music video represent black women as a whole. In fact, I made a list of ten white women who caused me to lose my respect for all white women.


Maybe they were just dancing.

I don’t know what this was about but it came from a direct message on Twitter:

From: Bees
To: Michael Harriot

Do you think believe that all white people are racist? Do you ever even had a white friend? I doubt u doould you ever accuse your white friend of racism?


Dearest Bees:

While I can’t claim that some of my best friends are white, I have several white people who I consider friends. During an informal survey, it was determined that I have the most white friends on The Root Staff. In fact, it is safe to say that I enjoy white people immensely.


And white people are racist.

Those two things are not mutually exclusive. In fact, racism doesn’t even exclude a white person from becoming my friend. You see, Dear Bees, you believe with all of your heart that all races are equal and you can still can have racist tendencies. America is a racist country based on racist ideals and if you live in this country, you will likely have some remnants of racism. The degree to which they manifest themselves is the problem.


America is a sexist country.

I don’t hate women. I believe women are equal to men. Some of my best friends are women (OK, just one. But I only have, like three really close friends so 1/3rd is ok).


I am also a sexist.

Sometimes I don’t recognize it until someone usually a woman, points it out to me. Sometimes I recognize it and still find some sexist inclinations hard to extinguish.


For instance, I was having a talk with one of my friends about sexism and feminism and we both brought up the point that we get kind of annoyed when our wife/girlfriend simply asks us: “Where are you going?”

I couldn’t enunciate why I feel that way and neither could he. It probably has something to do with the patriarchy and the masculine idea of freedom but we both agreed that our feelings were sexist. We logically understand that the question literally means: “Nigga I love you, I want you to come home and I don’t want to worry” but we admitted that if a dude asked us that question, it wouldn’t annoy us.


I don’t hate white people. I don’t even hate every instance of racism in white people because there are degrees. Brian Kemp disenfranchising hundreds of thousands of black voters is different from making an offhanded racially insensitive remark. One infuriates me and the other might not even annoy me.

What many black people find annoying is the out-of-hand rejection by white people that racism even exists or their insistence that they are “definitely not racist.” How the fuck would they know? The repeated denial of the existence of racism is more infuriating than racism


Even though some white people will insist that they are the “least racist person you know,” there are very few people who I would be surprised to find out they did something really racist. If I discovered one of my good friends was in the KKK, it might shock me initially, but I wouldn’t deny that it was true.

In fact, here are the only white people who it would surprise me to find out they were a virulent racist. Here’s my top 10.


10. Peter Parker: He seems like a solid dude. Now Tony Starks? He probably makes sly racist remarks when he’s by himself with Pepper Pots. And Thor just looks like a white supremacist. I see how he looks at T’Challa.

9. Willie Nelson: My mama loves Willie Nelson. I love my mama. Therefore, by the transitive powers of racism, he can’t be racist.


8. Teena Marie: I’ve never seen an interview or a live performance. I just feel this in my spirit.

7. Joe Rogan: This is probably the most controversial. I know Joe Rogan has a morbid fascination with white supremacists but I really like the guy.


6. Tom Hanks: He was so nice to John Coffey and I could tell he really loved Bubba.

5. Karen: Karen is an older friend of mine who is white. I mean really white. She has that over-the-top white enthusiasm that you can only be around for a certain amount of time. Karen doesn’t think about racism a whole lot and I know this because Karen, another black friend and I once took a road trip through the entire state of Mississippi and she never once noticed how tense we were because she was sitting in the front seat when I was driving.


4. Henry Winkler: I always suspected that the Fonz had some black in his family.

3. Jon Snow: He never knew his parents and lived with his cousins all his life. Plus, he can fight like a motherfucker.


2. My Homeboy Ben: Ben and I grew up together. We once created a mural of an entire city and we are still friends although I literally haven’t seen him in person in years. He’s country as fuck and wears shirts with sleeves cut off but he’s what I refer to as “good people.”

1: Rachel Maddow: Nigga I would cry! Not just for me, but my entire family loves Rachel. If I found out Rachel uses the n-word all the time, I’d have to take some time off like there was a death in the family.