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(The Root) — In the first episode of The Root Live, recorded on Dec. 10, 2012, host Harriette Cole interviewed Tracey Webb — founder of the blog Black Gives Back — and Morgan Stanley's Michael Braithwaite, who hosts the radio show Money Talks, about the ins and outs of charitable giving.


The weekly livestream series, which airs Mondays at noon, is sponsored by Prudential and is dedicated to helping The Root's readers improve their lives in 2013. One of the topics covered in this episode was giving money to family members in need without going broke, and Braithwaite had some advice.

"You may set aside a certain amount of money, and that's the amount that's allocated to your family members … ," he said. "A lot of it is having the discipline, because a lot of times the mindset is, if you have it, you can give it. But obviously it's more what's reasonable based on your budget."


Watch the rest below for more great tips and information.

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