Help, y’all. Help me.

Not wanting to be “on brand,” with this Coming to America-meets-Black Panther mashup, I went with a pink, embroidered dress from ASOS that would look great if I were going to get tipsy at a posh, rooftop day party in Washington, D.C.


Whatever. I’m wearing it. I’m taking pictures. It’ll be fine.

Besides, there are more pressing issues at hand, like ...


That said, Deputy Managing Editor Yesha Callahan, video producer Felice León, weekend Social Media Editor Corey Townsend and I somehow all managed to get here to cover this thing. We’ll be live-blogging, live-tweeting and Instagramming everything, so please, follow along at our respective accounts.

I promise I’ll try to not be wack if I can’t be cool. Honest to goodness, I will try.