Jeremiah Wright
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright left no stone unturned in the bashing of President Obama when speaking at a breakfast co-hosted by the Chicago Teachers Union to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

The one-time friend and pastor to the president claimed that Abraham Lincoln, whom Obama greatly admires, loved to tell darkie jokes and that the U.S. secretary of education was hired because he has a good hook shot.

While several news outlets were invited to attend the event, all cameras were asked to leave once the hot-blooded pastor took the lectern. CNN reporters were able to capture some of the speech using a cellphone camera, and Wright drew gasps when he said that the president receives a "kill list."

"Every Tuesday morning, there’s a kill list that the president decides who they’re going to kill this week," Wright said.

Wright also took the opportunity to knock the president's administration on its drone policy. According to the Sun-Times, the pastor reportedly told the audience, "King said 'I have a dream.' Barack said, 'I have a drone.'


"That's not the man of peace you just talked about," Wright can be heard saying. "That's a man controlled by government. A government based on militarism, racism and capitalism."

But Wright wasn't done there. He took shots at the 16th president, whom Obama has often quoted in key speeches. "Abraham Lincoln liked to tell darkie jokes," Wright said and the Sun-Times reports. "He liked to hear darkie jokes and he used the n-word incessantly."

Wright also questioned how Education Secretary Arne Duncan landed his job—after he "ruined the school system" in Chicago as CEO of schools.


"A good hook shot playing basketball with … Barack Hussein Obama," Wright said to chuckles, the Sun-Times reports.

The relationship between Wright, pastor emeritus at Trinity United Church of Christ, and the president grew contentious after footage of Wright's sermons drew national attention during the 2008 presidential race, including one in which he can be heard proclaiming, "God damn America." Right-wing politicians used the sound bite to claim that Obama's connection to Wright somehow made him un-American, a claim that forced the president to distance himself from Wright.

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