A Trump supporter’s pickup truck is parked at a rally held by then-Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Oct. 27, 2016, in Springfield, Ohio. (Maddie McGarvey/Getty Images)

I don’t know if big trucks breed racism. Like, I don’t know if you aren’t a racist but then happen to want a truck so big that you need a ladder to climb into it and you automatically become racist, but it feels as if racists love big trucks. Not just pickup trucks, but all trucks!

Racists also appear to love big tires on big trucks, and they also love to see big trucks demolish little cars. Watch this video and tell me it doesn’t feel racist:

In fact, if racists are looking to update their symbolism, I would argue that a big truck tattoo could replace neo-Nazi lightning bolts.


On Monday, President Donald Trump posed with a slew of big trucks for “Made in America” week. This is the second time since taking office that Trump has been photographed inside big trucks. Besides kicking it with Russians and dragging Barack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s names through the mud, it’s the most consistent thing he’s done since taking office.

Of course the internet had a field day with this because the president of the United States is really just an adult version of the white kid who dragged Richard Pryor around in The Toy.


Never forget, this was the iconic photo of the president’s first truckaroo at the White House:

Alex Wong/Getty Images

No doubt about it: Trump loves him some big trucks, almost as much as he loves his racism.

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