The NFL's Black Lives Matter Push Was BS. Majority of NFL PAC Donations Went to Republicans

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We should’ve known that once the NFL started loving the movement without the people who helped push the narrative that Black lives matter (yep, Eric Reid and Colin Kaepernick are still without NFL homes) that anything after that was bullshit.


Beyoncé’s husband being hired by the NFL was bullshit. The playing of the Black national anthem was bullshit. The commercials have really been bullshit.

Well to add to that bullshit is this bullshit: the league’s political action committee has donated the majority of funds to…..wait for it...Republicans. Yep, you guessed it, it’s all been bullshit.

From Front Office Sports:

The NFL has its own PAC, Gridiron, that is overseen by the league’s D.C. office. Owners also make political contributions separate from the PAC.

The Athletic found that this year, Gridiron has made 63 donations to 52 congresspeople, senators and political organizations. Of those contributions, 52 went to Republicans or Republican organizations.

Of 18 donations made since August, Gridiron has just one Democratic contribution, which was $1,000 to Rep. Kathy Castor (D-Fla.).

According to Federal Election Commission filings, since January, Gridiron’s contributions to the GOP total $128,500 and contributions to Democrats total $58,000.

The league PAC, created in 2008, has raised over $855,777.35 through donations from 228 contributors since Jan. 1, 2019.

You know who is one of the most ardent supporters against the Movement for Black Lives? Guess. The game doesn’t work if you don’t guess. OK, fine. It’s the Republicans. Also, it’s all bullshit.

And that’s not all; while NFL owners act like players kneeling during the anthem isn’t burning their mayonnaise-infused race-based biscuits, owners and their wives have reportedly continued donating large sums of money this election cycle to Republicans who aren’t fond of niggras kneeling during their beloved anthem.


According to, “NFL team owners and their spouses have donated $4.2 million to politicians and PACs so far this election cycle, with 85 percent ($3.6 million) going to Republicans. Only $377,000 went to Democrats…”

Somehow all of this is Jay-Z’s fault. All of it.



Hence why I’m still on team fuck the NFL. If anyone thought this was gonna be different because the NFL started “caring” about shit this year then I feel sorry for your gullible ass.