The Nanny Reboot With Fran Drescher and Cardi B Might Really Be Happening Now

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So remember last week when we discussed how much we would love for Cardi B to appear in a reboot of the popular ’90s sitcom The Nanny? And remember how we told you that Fran Drescher was also in favor of the idea? Well, apparently Fran is about her business because the latest news is that she is actively trying to make this reboot with Cardi happen.


As previously reported on The Root, this whole idea got started after Cardi B posted a picture of herself on Instagram wearing head-to-toe cheetah-print Dolce Gabbana. Cardi captioned the picture “Fran Drescher.” It was her homage to the actress that originated and starred in the titular role on the television series.

At the time, Drescher told PeopleTV’s Chatter that she was into the idea of bringing the series back; she was flattered by Cardi’s toast to her, and she loved the idea of having Cardi play her daughter if the series were rebooted.

Now People is reporting that during an interview with ExtraTV, Drescher said she is in the process of making the reboot happen, and she is talking to Cardi’s people about the Bronx rapper being a part of the show.

“I’m talking to her representation,” Drescher said. “It’s really getting me excited. It’s fresh and it could be super fun.”

Drescher said Cardi dressing like her and posting it on Instagram is what really lit the fire under her.


“She started it because she kind of paid homage to me, putting our pictures side by side when she was wearing animal print and it was me in animal from The Nanny and that just went viral,” the 61-year-old actress said. “That got my creative juices going.”

“She’s got a funny voice, too,” Drescher added. “What kind of a great mother/daughter would we be? Amazing, I think.”


I am now actively seeking suggestions on how we, the fans, can help make this happen.

Do we need a letter-writing campaign? A social media campaign? Who do we need to talk to?


Because this definitely needs to happen. Fran is on board. Cardi is on board. We are on board.

Twitter, do your thing.

News Editor for The Root. I said what I said. Period.



I mean...who thinks Cardi B. can actually act, though?