The Most Pathetically Racist Robocall You've Ever Heard Against Florida Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Gillum

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Ok, racists listen up. It’s 2018. If you’re going to be racist, please step your insult game up. Most of the kids born in the 1980s don’t have a clue who the hell Stepin Fetchit was or know that Kingfish was one of the stars of the wildly popular Amos & Andy.

If you’re still using Vaudevillian black voices to troll a political candidate, you should be embarrassed. Racists, you can do better.


According to HuffPost, a white supremacist website in Idaho has been sending out racists robocalls that sound like some 1950s white folks imitating black folks hating on Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum.

I want Floridians not to be fooled by this, but I must admit that I’m worried because... well, it’s Florida.

HuffPost obtained a copy of the wildly outdated racist recording, which can be heard below. I warn you, if you enjoy buffets, still call stores the five and dime, drink malteds at the drive-in, or consider “gosh darn” or “geez” to be a cuss word, this may trigger you.

I guess minstrel dialect is still a thing in Idaho. Either that, or the racists in Idaho really know how to connect to their Florida counterparts. When the ad begins, a voice can be heard saying, “Well hello there. I is the Negro Andrew Gillum, and I be asking you to make me governor of this here state of Florida.”

The shit is comically bad. Tragically bad. It’s almost funny it’s so bad. At one point, Negro spirituals and monkey screeches play in the background. It’s as if an alien came to America, read a book written in the 1950s about how to upset black folks, and the result was this ad.


“The ad says Gillum’s health care plan will be quite cheap, because he’ll just give chicken feet to people as medicine. It talks about how Jewish people are going to vote for him, because Jews are ‘the ones that been putting Negroes in charge over the white folk, just like they done after the Civil War,’” HuffPost reports.

Troll better, racists. Because this almost makes me feel sorry for you. Almost. As it will always and forever be:


Fuck y’all.



You have to wonder if this is a conceptual art project done by a student at UF.