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President Donald Trump believes all news is fake news except the state-sponsored Russia Times Fox News, which the president considers a friend. The president and news anchors share lawyers and buzzard souffle recipes, so it was strange to see the Kardashian of presidents beefing with the Jordyn Woods of news networks.


Over the weekend, Trump turned his Twitter gun on his favorite news station, criticizing unnamed news anchors as well as the hiring of Donna “Secure the Bag” Brazile, who was recently hired as a political commentator.

“@FoxNews is changing fast, but they forgot the people who got them there!” Trump said in one tweet, USA Today reports.


“Trump has often mocked Brazile after WikiLeaks produced evidence that she shared information about CNN debates and town halls with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign,” USA Today reports.


In March, Brazile wrote that her move to Fox was “rooted in the belief that you cannot make progress, let alone reach compromise, without first listening to, and understanding those who disagree with you on critical issues.”

Come on Donna. Come on. We know this was about a bag and we aren’t mad at you. OK, fine we are, but whatever.

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