The Guy Behind Trump’s Claims of Voter Fraud Doesn’t Have Any Proof

 Bill Clark-Pool/Getty Images
Bill Clark-Pool/Getty Images

Well, well, well. Turns out President Donald Trump’s trusted man behind these absurdly ludicrous claims of voter fraud doesn’t have any proof—or, even better, any proof he can explain.


During a recent appearance on CNN’s New Day with Chris Cuomo, VoteStand founder Gregg Phillips boasted that he could prove that there absolutely was voter fraud in favor of Hillary Clinton. In fact, he’s so sure he can prove that some 3 million people voted for Clinton, even the president believes him.

There’s only one problem: Phillips says he is going to need a few more months to prove it.

“You say you can prove it,” Cuomo said of Phillips’ voter-fraud claims. “I say, ‘OK, I trust you; you can prove it.’ Show me.”

“We believe it will take probably another few months to get this done,” Phillips said, but he’s positive that in a few months, he will have everything he needs to back up his ridiculous claims.

Cuomo wasn’t buying it.

“And yet, even though you need a few more months to get this done, you think you know the answer right now,” Cuomo said.


“We’re volunteers!” Phillips shot back. “We know we have the answer.”

“Even though you can’t prove it, you think you know?” a confused Cuomo asked.

“The numbers are actually bigger!” Phillips replied.

Yes, the numbers are bigger than the 3 million “illegal” votes you can’t prove now.


Cuomo pressed on, wanting to know how Phillips is certain that there was voter fraud without any proof.

And then Phillips shot back the most telling response of this entire drama: “You can reach a conclusion and then still verify it,” Phillips said.


And therein lies the entire Trump-campaign theory: Say it and then find out if it’s true, but until then, keep saying it even if you really don’t know.

Because Phillips had proved himself to be a joke, he doubled down on his doofusness when Cuomo asked if his research methods were precise.


“We are as precise as we need to be,” Phillips answered.

Don’t believe that Trump’s backing this guy? Just look at his tweet sent out early Friday morning:


Watch the entire clip below:

Senior Editor @ The Root, boxes outside my weight class, when they go low, you go lower.


So now the scientific method is out the window? Centuries of validity and now all of a sudden a hypothesis = FACT? No. You cannot reach a conclusion without verification. That would make it a hypothesis. And let me save everyone’s time it has been debunked and is virtually non-existent.