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Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (Alex Wong/Getty Images)
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

The New York Times Editorial Board writes a scathing indictment of Louisiana's Republican government for gutting funding at Grambling State, which has resulted in the football team's boycott over conditions.

Under Gov. Bobby Jindal, Louisiana has been slashing state support for higher education, with funding for Grambling down 56 percent since 2008 (and funding for public colleges in general down 48 percent). In response, the university has laid off more than 120 staff members and reduced the number of degree programs to 47 from 67. It also has deferred maintenance of classroom buildings, dormitories, the library and the football stadium. 

Although Grambling initially tried to spare the athletic department from austerity measures, this was eventually deemed unfair. The administration cut the athletics budget by more than $400,000, from roughly $7.1 million in 2012-13 to roughly $6.7 million for this academic year. That's still generous, relatively speaking. State aid to Grambling is $13.8 million, meaning athletics gets about half the state money allotted to the entire university.

What's ailing the football program is also ailing Grambling as a whole, and if the players are looking for somewhere to place blame, they should consider the state government.


Read entire editorial at the New York Times.

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