The First Family’s Dog Sunny Is Not Here for Your Games

First dogs Bo and Sunny before Donald Trump won the election (PBS screenshot)

Four-year-old Sunny is on edge, and rightfully so. Donald Trump keeps tweeting about her dogfather, and her family is moving out of the only house she’s ever known, so when one of Malia Obama’s friends came through the crib and got too close to Sunny, a female Portuguese water dog, Sunny lost her shit and left a nasty cut under the girl’s eye. Sunny is the Obamas’ second Portuguese water dog; 8-year-old Bo is the official “first dog.”

Image shows the scar Sunny left after her attack on the unidentified teen (Twitter)

TMZ notes that the young lady is fine; the Obamas’ family physician, Dr. Ronny Jackson, checked her out and gave her a few stitches, which may leave a small scar—this reportedly upset the teen more than the dog’s attack.

The breed is supposedly a calm one, so maybe Sunny is Bo’s anger translator.

Read more at TMZ.

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