She has lost her damn mind! —Facebook user

I love is that she did it in the context of telling this woman that she shouldn't be so sensitive about race — that if she couldn't take a "few jokes" or racial slurs then she shouldn't have entered an interracial marriage — I always knew that b—— was crazy … —Facebook user


The conversation should've stopped when Laura asked the caller for examples so that she could check for 'hypersensitivity', how does a White woman get to check a Black woman for hypersensitivity???????? —Facebook user

Let's bypass the fact that you cut off the explanation offered by your caller when you might have gained insight into why her feelings were hurt by what she considered racially demeaning remarks. —Mike Green, The Huffington Post


Saying the word "n*****" on the air was not the bad part. However, cutting this woman off and bringing in Barack Obama and rappers into it when a woman asks about how she should handle her husband's family making racist comments is what is bad. Her talk about "Black Think" is ridiculous as well. —Dkelsmith, user

Although Schlessinger may have had a point in her discussion with the Black female caller, she has to understand that there's a difference between Ni**a and N***** with the ER. But seriously, we shouldn't be having this debate anymore. The real question is why do they want permission to say it so bad? —Bossip staff


Why the f*ck is she apologizing? She was brazen enough to proclaim that she should be allowed to say it and not feel guilty, so why a change of heart?

Please keep your insincere apology to yourself … and how about you kiss my a$$ in the process. —Soul Touch, Bossip user


I will say that I do tend to get far more bothered by the argument, "they call themselves that and it's okay, but the minute I use it … " There seems to be this belief that we ALL go around calling each other nigger as though it's part of Sunday dinner:

Me: Good Morning Grandma.

Grandma: Mornin n******.

Me: Can you pass the peas?

Grandma: Sure, motherf——- n***** … —Paddy Wagone, Gawker user

Well, first off, African-Americans DO NOT USE THE WORD NIGGER.
They use the word "nigga". I'm the whitest person alive and even I know that. It's a positive version of the word used to take the sting out of the word. And why do they believe that they can use the word "nigga" and still get upset if some white person uses the word negatively?

Well, I will give all you white conservatives an admittedly embarrassingly light-weight comparison. Why do so many white Southerners hoot and holler when Larry the Cable Guy or Jeff Foxworthy uses the word "rednecks", but become giant balls of hate just about to explode when, say, Janeane Garofalo or David Cross uses the word "rednecks"? —Mitchell Cameron, The Daily Beast user


Intent s everything. When black people use it to refer to themselves, that's one thing; when whites use it as a pejorative, that's quite another. —Jeff Salzber, The Daily Beast user

Put a fork in her she is done. I can't remember the last time anyone gave a sh** what this dumba** racist said since she bashed Gays as having a medical problem. Only upside you can find Dr Laura topless photos on the internet!! She can now join Andy Breitbart in there new jobs "would you like to supersize your order?" —Chucken, Mediaite user


Why in the world would a black person like Jade call  Laura Schlessinger for advice about dealing with racial insensitivity? Schlessinger is the last person, except maybe David Duke or his soul mate, Ann Coulter, that I would turn to for counsel about anything about race, gender, sexual orientation or any other identity related issue. She did exactly what anyone who is even remotely familiar with her M.O. could have predicted: used Jade's question as an excuse to attack blacks who supported Obama, black comedians who appear on HBO, and blacks whom she considers to be overly sensitive to callous white behavior.  That's who she is and that is what she does.

Jade, to give her the benefit of the doubt, is a hopelessly naïve individual (or a set-up) who got exactly what she should have expected when she picked up the phone and called Schlessinger. You don't go to Tiger Woods or John Edwards looking for marital advice. You don't go to George Bush looking for advice about keeping the deficit down. You don't go to Sarah Palin for … well, I don't know what  you would ever go to Sarah Palin for.  But I do know that you don't go to Laura Schlessinger looking for advice about dealing with racially callous white people.  Good grief. —Jack White, The Root


I'm starting to believe there is a condition called the "N-word Meltdown," where white folks just go crazy and start repeating it over and over for no reason. —Jam Donaldson, AOL Black Voices


Dr. Laura was right about everything she said. —Obamas Turkey Dinner, user


What's the big deal? —Mad Charles, The Daily Beast user

She's right of course. It's used all the time, and I don't believe that one race has the right to use it and another does not.
My own preference is that the word not be used at all, but the black rappers and comedians should start the ball rolling. —Tom Farr, The Daily Beast user


HA HA HA. Dr. Laura "Burned" that caller! (Just have to love it, and her!) The N word is not only used by blacks now. i see all these white kids calling each other that now. LOL Talk about a generation gap. Thats something I'll never understand. That and Playing music with the bass so high you can hear the spot-welds popping loose on the deck lid of their car. … —Burnnotice, Mediaite user

Dr. Laura was "QUOTING" when she used the N-word. And she raises a very good question: Why do black people accept the use of this horrific word from other black people. I find it offensive in every context. When it is used in my presence, I express clearly my revulsion and walk away. 

Why is it okay for SOME people to use this repulsive word with all of its negative history and connotations? —Snafina, The Daily Beast user


She said it … 11 times? LMBO —If anything be noble, Bossip user

Maybe it is me, but I do not see why she is apologizing. —Bronx2dadeath, Bossip user



"We're done with all this politically correct BS!!! I hate n*****s and sp*** and the damn Ay Rab sand monkeys two!!! … " —Publius 219, Mediaite user


Phyco crazy cracka —Le'Pep, Bossip user

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