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'Martin' (1993)

Remember Gina's (Tisha Campbell) stone-cold attempt to cook a turkey? It wasn't enough that her parents were meeting Martin's (Martin Lawrence) wannabe-Eddie Murphy cousin and one-eyed uncle for the first time; she was also a novice in the kitchen. Uh, pass the stuffing?

Captions by Erin Evans

'Martin' (1994)


In another Thanksgiving episode on Martin, it's a girls-versus-guys battle royal to cook the best meal. Pam (Tichina Arnold) and Gina get some assistance from Mama Payne and Millie Jackson. (Pass the peas like we used to do, hey!) And after a football game with a turkey, Cole makes "candy" yams and adds an extra ingredient to the chocolate cake. But worst of all? Bruh Man from the "fif flo" takes his window-entrance liberties and eats all the food.

'Girlfriends' (2000)


When Maya, Toni, Lynn and William ditch Joan on Thanksgiving, she dines at a restaurant where she meets attorney Preston Hall (Duane Martin), and invites him over for a home-cooked meal. Just as she and Preston get cozy, her friends decide to crash her date. She tries to get rid of them, but it's not until a grease fire erupts that the Girlfriends crew heads for the door.

'Everybody Hates Chris' (2006)


Rochelle (Tichina Arnold) wants everyone to pitch in this Thanksgiving. Tanya (Imani Hakim) will "make" the cranberry sauce; Drew (Taquan Richmond) will make the rolls; and Chris (Tyler James Williams) is in charge of one of the most important side dishes, macaroni and cheese. Julius (Terry Crews) is determined to impress his brother, who's coming to visit. So what happens when all the cooks decide to take a nap while something's in the oven? Ever heard of "blackaroni and cheese"?

'The Cosby Show' (1989)


There are always last-minute ingredients that you need on Thanksgiving. Butter? Eggs? Cranberry sauce? Well, Cliff is the designated store runner in this episode — in the rain. "I'm not going back out there," he says, just before he drops the eggs needed for the corn bread. Cameo: Victoria Rowell plays Olivia's mother, Paula.

'In Living Color' (1990)


Our favorite homeless beggar, Anton Jackson (Damon Wayans), attends a Thanksgiving charity event. His toast: "May your liquor be cold, your women be hot and all your problems slide off like snot." Classy. And don't forget — he travels with his own bathroom.

'Boondocks' (2006)


Now, this wasn't an official Thanksgiving episode. But what family Thanksgiving dinner is complete without some good sleep immediately afterward? So Grandpop explains "the itis" as everyone fights sleep at the dinner table.

'Sister, Sister' (1995)


The Campbells and the Landrys take Thanksgiving to Hawaii. While Ray (Tim Reid) and Lisa (Jackée Harry) fight with their exes, who also came on the trip, Tia and Tamera are lost at sea. At the end of the episode, they gather for a humble Thanksgiving: Spam and cheese nips. Suckling pig? Not this time.

'A Different World' (1988)


Everyone's plans are foiled before the Thanksgiving holiday. Dwayne's ride to New York is sick, Freddy doesn't make her standby flight, Whitley avoids hanging with her parents and Kim's a big crybaby who can't go home. So Whitley and Kim take fake IDs to a local bar (catch the cameo of New York Undercover's Michael DeLorenzo). Their fun is cut short when a man gets a little too frisky with Whitley.

'Good Times' (1976)


James' father comes to Chicago to visit the family and brings his new love along with him. Little does Florida (Esther Rolle) know that they're not married, but they are sleeping together. And when she finds out, you know holy-rollin' Florida Evans is not too pleased.