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Felicia Smith 
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Felicia Smith 
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A former Houston middle school teacher who was accused of performing an erotic lap dance for a 15-year-old student in February pleaded guilty last week to having an inappropriate relationship with the boy.

According to news station KHOU, video of Felicia Smith, the 42-year-old teacher who performed the dance in front of the class, made its way around school. Reportedly the last four minutes included the teacher getting on her knees and placing her head between the boy’s legs. 


Smith “was sentenced to three years of deferred adjudication,” which means she must adhere to court requirements or she will be sentenced to prison.

According to court records viewed by the New York Daily News, the student told police that he grabbed Smith’s buttocks twice and that the teacher reportedly told him, “I love you,” once the dance was over.  

Smith claimed that the students encouraged her to perform the dance and that she merely fell on top of the boy after she got dizzy, which made the class laugh.

Read more at KHOU and New York Daily News.

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