Tennis Is a White Man's Sport. Here's Why.

Tennis is a white man’s sport.

Serena Williams’ loss at the the U.S. Open, and her subsequent fine of $17,000 —$10,000 for verbal abuse, which was the largest individual fine the US Open has ever seen—proves it. The fact that the athlete’s catsuit was banned from the French Open proves it. That Williams has won 23 grand slams, yet some how has career winnings approximately $30 million less than Roger Federer—a white man with 20 grand slams proves it.


Here’s the thing: For the past 100 years white men wrote and carried out the rules of what came to be the USTA. Should we be surprised?

While tennis tournaments for black folks were created as early as the late 1890’s, the first black person wasn’t allowed to play in the U.S. Nationals until 1950. Her name was Althea Gibson. As you may know, Gibson went on to be first black winner of a Grand Slam title.


Here’s the best part: Before she was allowed to play, Gibson was forced to take a chromosome test to prove that she wasn’t a man. So yeah, how about some tennis?

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But, like, Rafael Nadal’s the greatest of all-time and he’s not white.

(Federer won a bunch of his GS titles against really shitty competition.)