Teen Pregnancy: Actually, Liberals Got It Right


Writing at Clutch magazine, Kirsten West Savali rebuts the position of The Root's political correspondent, Keli Goff, on controversial billboards stigmatizing young mothers.

In an op-ed for The Root, titled "Why Liberals Are Wrong On Teen Pregnancy," political correspondent and author, Keli Goff, wrote that the criticism surrounding the campaign was "ridiculous," "lunacy," "well-intentioned but misguided." According to Goff, Planned Parenthood's position as one of the "nation's leading sexual-health organizations" should preclude them from being in opposition to the campaign, even in the face of the organization's "diversity" issues and "privileged" vantage point. Goff further states that PP is "celebrating and encouraging teen pregnancy," which, in light of their mission, is so baffling to her that she asks her readers: "Did I miss something?"

Obviously I did, because I have not seen one response from Planned Parenthood that even suggests they are in favor of more teen pregnancies. In fact, because that is such a far-fetched accusation to fling, I felt compelled to check — and nothing. Not. One …

One of the primary criticisms the campaign has received is that it misses its mark. Instead of speaking to potential parents, it casts judgement on those teenagers who already have children, further stigmatizing them and their offspring in front of their peers and society. I emphatically agree. When I see these ads, I envision a resentful, dismissive voice hissing to a young girl staring forlornly at the poster as she waits on the bus to arrive: "Oh we're not talking to you, your life is already screwed up; we're trying to save your friend and their unborn children so we don't have to take care of the little poverty-ridden bastards."


Read Kirsten West Savali's entire piece at Clutch magazine.

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