Teen Dies Saving Friends From SUV

Kira Goddard, 13, died saving friends from SUV. (Google)

New York's Daily News is reporting that a Brooklyn teenager was killed after being crushed by an out-of-control SUV that was being driven by a mortally wounded ex-con. Friends of 13-year-old Kira Goddard say that she yelled a warning and "shooed" kids out of the way when the Range Rover crashed in front of her Brownsville home. Goddard is being hailed as a hero after alerting her friends first and then trying to escape the approaching SUV, to no avail.

According to the article, Sean Lewis, who had a stab wound to the torso, hit three double-parked cars on the block. He backed up and flipped the SUV, pinning Goddard, who was near the stoop, under the car. Goddard died at the scene. Lewis, 44, who had nine prior arrests, died later at the hospital from head injuries and the stab wound.


How sad is it that this man, who was clearly up to no good, took the life of a child while trying to save his own worthless life? Goddard acted as the adult by looking out for others first and then herself, while Lewis, a father of 10, acted like a child, thinking of only himself and no one else. In this case, the tragedy was met with triumph, with Goddard saving the lives of her friends. That is a great gift from a child who is no longer here.

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