Ted Cruz Caught Flying to Cancun While Nearly 3 Million Texans Are Still Freezing Without Power and Heat

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Texas Senator Ted Cruz is worthless.

The best thing about Ted Cruz is that he appears to know that he’s worthless. Because if the rumors and photos are true that Cruz is flying his wasted ass to Cancun, Mexico, for a vacation while some 3 million Texans are without heat and power in freezing temperatures it can only be because Cruz knows he brings nothing of value to the people who elected him.


And maybe that’s a good thing considering Ted Cruz has been masquerading as a concerned senator for quite some time. He’s currently battling Maine Sen. Susan Collins for the most faux concerned in Congress. But Ted Cruz doesn’t know empathy from his ass, so of course, he’s flying to Mexico to get out of the cold because what else could he do? Seriously?

Racism isn’t going to turn the lights on or get the heat started back up and that’s all Ted Cruz has; that and massaging President Trump’s ego and neither of those would be helpful in this situation.

So Texans should be happy after seeing photos of Cruz in dad jeans and an ill-fitting Patagonia fleece at the airport and on an airplane. Several folks on the plane noted that the aircraft was heading to Mexico and Twitter was in an uproar. Newsweek notes that Cruz’s office had not confirmed whether Cruz and his family were flying to Mexico; an unnamed spokesperson that I’m totally making up said, “How do you know that wasn’t an alley cat in a pair of dad jeans?”

Photos circulating on social media overnight appeared to show the senator at an airport and on an airplane. The idea that Cruz and his family had flown to Mexico soon spread on Twitter.

Former MSNBC anchor David Shuster tweeted: “Just confirmed @SenTedCruz and his family flew to Cancun tonight for a few days at a resort they’ve visited before.”


I know that the initial reaction is to be upset with Cruz, but think about it, when has adding Ted Cruz to any situation made anything better? When has anyone ever said, “You know who we need to hear from...Ted Cruz!” He’s basically Dave Chappelle’s “Someone get Ja Rule on the phone” bit come to life. Ted Cruz is what happens when a band camp after-party Solo cup and a wild-haired mongoose have unprotected sex in the back of an Arby’s. Nothing good can come from this.

While no one knows for sure if Cruz and his family were on “the 4.45 p.m. CST United Airlines flight from George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston to Cancun” let’s hope that they were because it’s literally nothing for him to do to help the people of Texas. In fact, since being elected to Congress, he’s not done anything to make Texans’ lives better. He’s a weasel and not even a good weasel. He’s basically a man in a weasel costume showing up at the weasel convention wanting to know what “We, weasels are weaseling into today!”


But internet detectives are going to detect and have basically determined that the photo of Ted Cruz flying to Cancun is most likely not old since his hairline, yes, his hairline appears to be recent.


Let Ted Cruz be great at doing nothing because what else is he going to do? No, seriously what else could Ted Cruz possibly be doing right now if not laying around on the beach while his constituents battle freezing temperatures with no heat or electricity?

I’ll wait.

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sigmapapi...(No me importa!)

I live in Texas. Specifically the RGV. While this particular part of Texas is Blue, I have seen my share of Cruz supporters. He may get primaried (highly unlikely) but he will get re-elected because he has an R after his name.

*As vile as Cruz is, I am mad at ERCOT. This non-profit runs the grid for Texas. They, along with Abbot and the rest of the R’s in the state, are responsible for this balls up. Texas, as usual, thinks it is an actual Republic and its power grid is all its own with no connection to the national grid. Thus, it does not have to adhere to federal regulations. Now you have all these deregulated power companies that are here only for the profit, using none of said profit to upgrade the grid that looks and acts like a grid from the 70's.

It’s their fault. Deregulation has been an anathema to this country since the 80's. Texas R’s had the nerve to blame a policy that is not in effect to served their fossil fuel masters.

But yeah, fuck Ted Cruz in all things in all ways.

*Sorry to hijack the thread.  Haven’t had power or internet until late last night since Monday.  It’s fucking frustrating because I know from living through NYC and NY winters (hell NC winters too) that this was preventable.