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Teacher Tells 10-Year-Old He’ll Only Be Able to Blame Himself When He’s 16 and Shot by Police: Report

Illustration for article titled Teacher Tells 10-Year-Old He’ll Only Be Able to Blame Himself When He’s 16 and Shot by Police: Report
Screenshot: WDAF-TV

A Lenexa, Kan., mother is outraged after, she says, a teacher at Rosehill Elementary School told her 10-year-old son he’ll only be able to blame himself when he’s shot by police when he’s 16.


The family says the incident occurred last week when 10-year-old Malachi Pearson was playing with some friends in the cafeteria line and the teacher stepped in to intervene.

“Me and my friend were playing, and then she like pushed us away. We weren’t fighting. We were just playing and laughing,” Malachi said in an interview with WDAF-TV.


“She told me when you turn 16 and the police shoot you, the only person you can be mad at is yourself,” Malachi said.

According to Malachi’s mom, Mahogany Foster, her son was brought to tears because his father was killed by gun violence shortly after Malachi was born. Foster went on to say that she pulled Malachi out of the school immediately.

”It’s unbelievable that she would say that to my son,” Foster said. “I’m so vexed by the whole thing. I never take sides, but I know for a fact that Malachi, he’s a respectful child, so for somebody to say that to a respectful child, I feel that was a low blow and that was something personal. You shouldn’t say that to any child.”


Foster says that her son deserves an apology from the teacher and that she was told the teacher was suspended. Shawna Samuel, director of communications for Shawnee Mission Schools, says that while the district’s investigation is complete, it cannot confirm or discuss disciplinary actions.

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Jae watches the world turn day-glo

Our kids are not allowed to have childhoods. No laughter, no horseplay, no joy. None. Welcome to Continuous Traumatic Stress!

Somewhere Becky and Chad are saying but we don’t know the whole story. To them I say yes we do.