Ilario Pantano during his premeditated-murder trial.

Tea Party-backed candidate Ilario Pantano is running for Congress despite being on trial for premeditated murder five years ago. While serving in Iraq in 2004, then-2nd Lt. Pantano killed two Iraqi civilians after stopping them for a search. He then placed a sign on their car's dashboard that read, "No better friend, no worse enemy." Pantano claimed that he acted in self-defense. His counterpart who reported the case to superiors said Pantano was agitated and wanted to teach the insurgents a lesson. Did we mention that he was on a "peacekeeping mission"? Eventually the charges were dropped, but not before Pantano was admonished by the investigating officer, who called Pantano's actions "morally and ethically wrong" and a "disgrace of the armed forces." Pantano quietly left the service after charges were dropped, but not before being dubbed "The Preppy Marine" by New York magazine. The outspoken critic of the Obama administration calls the controversy a non-issue. Murdering two people because you're mad sounds like an issue to us. We're pretty sure that if we had allegedly murdered two unarmed people in cold blood, we wouldn't get anybody's endorsement. What's he going to do if he is elected and gets pissed off at members in Congress? We know, we know — the Tea Party is harmless.

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