Black Man Who Filmed Latino Workers Striking Is Fired from His Job, Regrets Nothing

For many viewers, watching a group of construction workers walk off a shop floor in protest might have been rousing enough. But when Antoine Dangerfieldā€™s video of his Latino coworkers went viral last week, people on social media were particularly taken by Dangerfieldā€™s commentary and his infectious enthusiasm at whatā€¦

Del. Woman in Viral Video Ranting About Service Dog in a Restaurant Says Patrons Called Her Racial Slurs

There are always two sides to every story, and when a clip of a video goes viral, you always have to wonder what happened before the cameras started rolling. And in the case of a black woman caught on camera going ballistic over having to eat in a restaurant with a service dog, the woman in question, Ciara Miller,ā€¦

Video of a White Woman Demanding a White Doctor Shocked Everyone ... Except Black Doctors

A viral video of a woman at a Canadian clinic demanding to see a white doctor has the internet buzzing about her demands. While many are shocked by the womanā€™s insistence that she will allow only a white doctor to treat her son, there is one group of people who are not shocked by the video, or by the womanā€™s brazenā€¦