The Pittsburgh Steelers Might Be Better Right Now if They Had Colin Kaepernick Instead of Ben Roethlisberger

Last week the Tennessee Titans signed sentient dumpster juice Brandon Weeden as an insurance policy behind Marcus Mariota, their oft-injured starter. In Weedenā€™s defense, he might actually be a pretty swell guy, so referring to him as sentient dumpster juice might be a tad harsh. But as an NFL quarterback, he is knownā€¦

Pa. Man Didnā€™t Like It When the Steelers Declined to Take the Field for the National Anthem, so He Painted a Swastika on the Team Flag

The ā€œfunnyā€ thing about all this outrage over NFL players (and others) deciding not to stand or participate during the national anthem (or the Pledge of Allegiance) is that white people are provingā€”whether purposely or notā€”that they know the protest isnā€™t about the anthem or veterans but about white supremacy.