#DrivingWhileBlackWithLeavesOnTheWindshield: Kansas Man Detained For Having ‘Vegetation’ on Window

A man driving through Winfield, Kan., went live on Facebook during a traffic stop after cops told him he was being pulled over for allegedly failing to signal a turn within 100 feet. But what should have been a citation or warning led to Rudy Samuel being detained because of “vegetation” on his windshield.

#StayWoke: Trump’s Team Hired Firm to Suppress the Black Vote: Report

On Wednesday, Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie told the Senate that President Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign—more specifically, former chief strategist Steve Bannon—hired the firm with the intention of using data to “discourage or demobilize certain types of people from voting,” The Hill…


Watching the Racist Lawyer Who Threatened to Call ICE on Spanish Speakers Run Away From Reporters Is My New Favorite Thing Ever

I’m a simple person who finds pleasure in the simple things in life. But of the many simple things I enjoy—watching the sun rise, listening to Beyoncé sing, stalking cat/dog videos online—watching racists get clocked is undefeated, and this week delivered in the most delightful of ways when it comes to Aaron…