Michael Bennett, Other Players Troll the MAGA Crowd With Social Justice Gear as They Suit Up for the Season

Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Michael Bennett has been one of the more outspoken NFL players, thereby remaining a unicorn in the league. Bennett has protested police brutality in the black community and kneeled during the national anthem; he’s even openly criticized the president and yet, unlike Colin Kaepernick,…

Black Man Wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ Hat and Shirt Charged With Hate Crime in Attack on Hispanic Man

A black man, who for some reason unknown to the great ancestors was wearing a Donald Trump-branded “Make America Great Again” hat and shirt, has been charged with a hate crime after allegedly getting into an argument with two men and then pushing one of them, a Hispanic immigrant, onto subway tracks in New York City.

Well, What Do You Know? Turns Out the White Women Wearing ‘MAGA’ Hats Didn’t Just Wander Onto Howard’s Campus

Anyone who lives in Washington, D.C., or has ever been to D.C. knows that one of the best things about the city is that we keep our monuments close. In fact, everyone who lives here already knows not to go anywhere near that traffic during the summer months because tourists are going to tour.