NYC Commemorates the 3rd Anniversary of Eric Garner’s Death While Activists Still Call for Justice

Today, July 17, marks the third anniversary of the death of Eric Garner, the Staten Island, N.Y., husband and father who was killed by New York City police—his last words the refrain, “I can’t breathe,” invigorating a nascent Black Lives Matter movement and driving thousands into the streets to protest.

Leaked Documents Reveal How the NYPD Ignored Abusive History of the Cop Who Killed Eric Garner

On July 17, 2014, New York City Police Department Officer Daniel Pantaleo grabbed Eric Garner, wrapped his arm around Garner’s neck and—even though the NYPD banned the use of choke holds in 1993—squeezed. When Garner muttered, “I can’t breathe,” Pantaleo still squeezed. Pantaleo continued to press Garner’s face into…