Cam Newton

It's getting harder these days to take Cam Newtown seriously. On Sunday evening, after the quarterback led his team to a 30-20 win over Arizona Cardinals, Newton walked into the postgame conference looking like a vaudeville sideshow.

The 6-foot-6 quarterback was wearing a soft-pink suit, a leprechaun hat with one of those Ben Franklin quill feathers, some paint-splattered moon shoes, a checkered shirt and tie-dyed-inspired bow tie. Sure, he was up there talking about his safety and how he believes that the referees aren't doing enough to protect him during games, but who is protecting us from his outfits? He needs a stylist. I can't take it anymore. I thought his "All Lives Matter" stance was the most offensive position he could take, but now I'm beginning to wonder.


Take a look below—and I'm warning you now, some things you can't unsee:

And because Twitter has no chill and I love it and I'm petty, here are some of the better jabs at Cam's latest fit.


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