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Summer Slim Down? More Like Slowdown: 36 Pounds Lost

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Confession time: I'm only down 36 pounds. Me, I’m happy, but some of you guys have been pushing for more results.


I understand. It’s not where I’d hoped to be at this point, either. I turn 49 at month’s end, and it would be nice to be down 49 pounds, if not 50. That would get me back on track. Difficult, but not impossible.

Difficult, because of all the months of the year, I despise August the most. For as long as I can remember, there are two things that topped my hit list: the color pink, and the month of August.


Maybe it’s my preternatural love of autumn, but August is hands-down the most in-the-way month of them all. It’s like 31 days of Christmas Eve, sans (skim) milk and (fat-free) cookies. This week, the temps will feel like 100+ degrees. Just thinking about it fills me with ennui. I know I’ve mentioned a time or 50 how much I dislike summer, here in the South, especially. For me the eighth month is akin to Dante’s ninth circle of hell.

Yes, I’m being melodramatic. Blame it on the heat.

What’s good about summer is that I eat less overall, with more fresh fruits and vegetables. (I’m still going to do that vegetarian week, by the way; thanks for the tips and information.) What’s bad is that I don’t move nearly as much. I’m back to forcing myself to go to the gym. Not good.

In the midst of all this torpor, the Stress Coaster rolls on. I believe it reached its apex two weeks ago, when I was working so hard day was concurrent with night. I didn’t exercise; didn’t eat well at all. The silver lining is that my work paid off, and I’ll be able to keep my promise to slow. things. down.

Just not my weight loss.

Right now, my gym bag is sitting on the bed, waiting for me. I’m heading out to the gym around 2. Even though I dislike afternoon workouts, clearly I need to shake things up, especially this month. I’m still not sleeping well, which makes skipping morning workouts easy. But a mug of coffee or tea at noon, and I can fake alertness long enough to get to the gym, which seems to have its own, energetic vibe.


I also want to end this whining on a positive note by pointing out the one thing I absolutely love about August: all the stores are moving in their fall merchandise, and my all-time favorite colors dominate every storefront – emerald greens, vibrant oranges and deep reds, also golden yellows and rich browns. There are leaf motifs and outdoorsy themes. Even if it’s 95 degrees September 1, I know my energy level will be off the charts.

Until then, I welcome any and all words of encouragement.

Onward and upward.

What dreadful hot weather we have! It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance.  ~  Jane Austen


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Leslie J. Ansley is an award-winning journalist and entrepreneur who blogs daily for TheRoot. She lives in Raleigh, NC.

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