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Make Deadbeat Corporations Pay. Stop Robbing Our Communities, by Melanie Cervantes (

(The Root) — Artstrike, a project that encourages artists and art collectors to submit and share protest pieces on the subject of the fiscal cliff, is planning a day of action on Dec. 17. Led by civil rights activist and Rebuild the Dream co-founder Van Jones, organizers from Artstrike claim that the fiscal cliff (or "fiscal bluff," as they call it) has been blown out of proportion, and there are simple solutions to our financial crisis such as urging those who benefited most from tax breaks and bailouts to give back and help build a stronger future for the nation. Supporters of Artstrike are being asked to bring attention to the country's inequities through art, music, film and poetry.

The endeavor is a collaboration between art and innovation organizations CultureStrike, 5D Stories and Rebuild the Dream Innovation Fund.


Participants can contribute art here, view art here and share information about it through the hashtag #nomorecuts on Twitter.

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