Steve King of Caucasity Asks Kamala Harris 'Are You Descended From Slave Owners' Because the Loser Just Won't STFU

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Steve King—the white nationalist who can’t understand why people keep calling him a white nationalist and won’t accept “BITCH, BECAUSE YOU’RE A WHITE NATIONALIST” as a credible answer—is a man who has quite the track record of reaching near-unprecedented levels of caucasity. This is a man who once essentially argued: It’s not racism if white people are actually better than everybody.

The almost-former GOP congressman who lost the shit out of his primary in June but, apparently, intends to keep being racist as fuck from the congressional afterlife, recently set his Klan-ish sights on Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, asking her a question literally no white man has any business asking any Black person fucking ever.


“I’m reading that @KamalaHarris made history as first woman, first black woman, first Asian woman, etc = a boatload of intersectionality points,” the human version of whatever that shit was running down the side of Rudy Giuliani’s face tweeted Sunday. “But Kamala, are you descended from slaves or slave owners?”

A white man from slave-owning-ass America really thinks he has the right to question people of color about their slave trade-affected ancestry—this is what I mean by “near-unprecedented levels of caucasity.”

So, I’m pretty sure the King of people who wish it was socially acceptable to dress as Nazis for Halloween was referring to when Harris’ father, Donald Harris, said that his paternal grandmother is a descendant of slave owners. For whatever reason, weird-ass white people took this not-even-remotely stunning revelation to mean anything other than the fact that it’s common for Black people to have white ancestors because white people weren’t just slave owners, they were colonizers and rapists, too.


King—who once argued that Hurricane Katrina victims were a bunch of beggars, unlike bootstrap-pulling Iowans who saw a little flooding in their homes and were much whiter more resourceful in facing a non-catastrophe—was met with swift backlash for his remarks on Harris.


Wait, the King of people who think “skipping leg day” refers to showers loves incest? Couldn’t be.


Well, shit. This fool is the Jamie Lannister of David Dukes.

Anyway, King followed his clearly racist tweet with another clearly racist tweet that he believed clarified his first clearly racist tweet. (It’s like Inception, but with bigotry.)


“Why are you @KamalaHarris supporters throwing the dishes at me for asking an important question?” King asked. “Meet @CedricRichmond original sponsor of HR 40, the Slavery Reparations bill. Cedric, you will have a hard time pushing slavery reparations unless Kamala is willing to write a check.”


Ahhhh, so now I see where King is coming from. He thinks that a person having a slave owner as an ancestor will sway them against the issue of reparations. He’s thinking with the whitest logic conceivable, which shouldn’t surprise anyone.

I really don’t have time to mention every instance of King’s past racism, so here are a few of The Root’s greatest hits on how the King of people who wonder why nooses aren’t easier to find on Amazon gets down:


Stay tuned. We all know he’s not done.

Zack Linly is a poet, performer, freelance writer, blogger and grown man lover of cartoons

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kidelo "drinking shots at Noon, 1/20/2021"

It always amazes me the stupid questions white people ask POC. Like, “Where are you from?” or the classic, “What are you?” There’s the “Your skin is so pretty...” lead in, as well.

Now here comes this idiot who is on the train trying to separate people descended from American slaves and people who were captured and populated islands. Lord lord. They act like one group should get reparations and the other not.

I say, anyone who is a POC and has had to tolerate the absolute racism in this country should get a payout. Maybe it can be an hourly amount. On top of reparations. How many hours of white racism have YOU had to suffer? Multiply that by $5 and ka-ching!