Stephen A. Crockett Jr.
The Dollar Tree dollar store carries $1 steak.
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Ever found yourself hungry with barely enough loose change to make a dollar and really wanted a steak? Well, you're in luck, my friend, because Dollar Tree discount stores sell Stampede's $1 boneless-ribeye, preseasoned steak! Sure, some reviewers are saying that it's tougher than long division and thinner than a whisper on a windy day. And sure, after you cook it and remove the fat, you have about a forkful of steak, but why stick with the negatives when there's a glaring positive being ignored: steak for $1!

One YouTube reviewer said the taste is much more Steak-umm than steak, and sure, the same YouTube reviewer refused to finish his portion for fear that he was going to get sick, but why let that stop you when you can have um, steak!


No word on whether all Dollar Tree outlets nationwide are carrying the thinly sliced high-class cut of beef, but here is hoping that a store near you is stocked with the quality-cut meat.

Watch a review of Stampede's $1 boneless-ribeye steak:

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