#StayWoke: Trump Names ‘Alt-Right’ Racist Steve Bannon to National Security Council While the World Protests His Muslim Ban

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In a flurry of executive orders* even the most ardent news hound finds hard to keep up with—including one banning Muslims from seven nations from coming to the U.S., sparking protests throughout the country Saturday night—President Donald Trump is remaking the world in his skewed, scary image.

And while many are rightly incensed over the #MuslimBan, Trump signed another executive order Saturday allowing White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon a seat on the National Security Council, removing the director of national intelligence and the chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.


The New York Daily News reports that Bannon is not listed by name in the memo, but as “chief strategist,” he can join the government’s most senior members during any meeting of the principal committee, led by national security adviser Michael Flynn.

So the experts are out, replaced by a man who used to run Breitbart News.

Now the director of national intelligence and the chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff will attend the meetings only when “issues pertaining to their responsibilities and expertise are to be discussed,” the order states.

Of course American citizens are scared shitless by this. And many took to social media to let the dogs out under the hashtag #StopPresidentBannon, clearly concerned that a man who actually admires the devil and has very retro views of gender and race is a hair’s breadth away from the nuclear codes.


Or, in layman’s terms, that the president of the U.S. is being controlled by a racist, sexist, white nationalist pig who keeps saying the president is “Jacksonian,” knowing damn well that Andrew Jackson was a slave-owning, genocide-engineering, racist, sexist pig.






The Daily News reports that the former Breitbart boss was seen pacing back and forth in the Oval Office as Donald Trump spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin—a conversation apparently not about sanctions or Russia’s unabashed aggression, but about how we can “repair relations.”

Saying all this to say, although there is much going on in the world, it is incumbent upon us to #StayWoke as our new president and his coterie make moves. Our very lives may depend on it.


*Since taking office on Jan. 20, or in the last eight days, Trump has signed a total of 15 executive orders and memorandums.

Read more at the New York Daily News.

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