Stars React on Twitter to East Coast Quake

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Minutes after a 5.9 magnitude earthquake hit the East Coast, celebrities took to the Twitterverse. Here's a look at their humorous, political and apocalyptic tweets. 


Terry McMillan (@missterryMcMillan): Let's hear Rick Perry's take on the earthquake. We know Michele will blame it on the President.

La La (@lala): Just hoping all my East Coast people are okay..making calls, sending out emails, texts, as we speak..this is crazy!! Mannnnnn


Rihanna (@rihanna): Just heard abt the earthquake in Virginia, New York, Washington and N.Carolina! Hope everybody's okay! #1LOVE

Charlamagne Tha God (@cthagod): 5.9 Earthquake rattles NJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God can't do this to us right now my life is going to good…..

June Ambrose (@juneAmbrose): A little shaken up! I was 40 stories up in a glass building!

Ginuwine (@ginuwine09): I come bk home and everything has fallen out cabinets never thought that would happen can you say sign of the xms


Marlon Wayans (@marlonlwayans): Earthhquakes in ny? What's next a blizzard in L.A.? White man get yo ass out of space & diggin' for oil. This planet 'bout 2 be a wrap

Lil Duval (@lilduval): Americans are so surprised when things happen to us. If it rain too long we start thinking the end is near


Spike Lee (@spikelee): On 11 Floor of Office Building in Manhattan when Earthquake hit NY today.  looked a pitcher of Water next to me that was swirling. Ohhhh Shit

Wanda Sykes (@iamwandasykes): I'm really worried about my liquor cabinet on the east coast. Pray no lives nor alcohol was lost. #DC


Chris Brown (@chrisbrown) Please pray for Virginia.

Melissa Harris-Perry (@mharrisperry
It's hurricane season so I leave NOLA for NYC and get hit by an earthquake?!?


In other news: Sharpton's MSNBC Gig Is Official.

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