An 18-year-old white nationalist from South Jersey wanted to “let loose” on black shoppers — with a machete.
An 18-year-old white nationalist from South Jersey wanted to “let loose” on black shoppers — with a machete.
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The sickness is so deep!

Racism and mental illness is a deadly combination.

Folks in North Central New Jersey could’ve felt the full effect of this as some fool who authorities said ordered vandalism of Midwestern synagogues plotted to “let loose” on black shoppers at a nearby mall.


18-year-old Richard Tobin is federal authorities’ latest target of a law enforcement crackdown against alleged white nationalists in the Northeast region.

According to, Tobin was sitting in his car at the Menlo Park Mall in Edison, N.J. holding a machete and wanted to unleash homegrown terrorism on the masses.


If his plan to maim black people was carried out, it would’ve brought new meaning to the term “shop until you drop.”

Dude had his own definition of “Black Friday.”

“Tobin said that he was triggered by the state of the country, such as when he saw a Pride parade or a large number of African Americans in one location,” FBI Special Agent Jason D. Novick wrote in court documents, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported. “There were so many African Americans around [the mall] that enraged him.”


A complaint filed Tuesday charges Tobin with conspiring with a hate group against the rights of minorities, including Jewish people. He reportedly used the neo-Nazi social network The Base to recruit the perpetrators who carried out the September attacks on synagogues in Michigan and Wisconsin.

The group – referring to itself as a “white protection league,” founded by a man who goes by the alias “Norman Spear”, has also held paramilitary trainings in advance of what it believes will be a race war.


Advocating for a country populated only by white people, The Base had already attracted recruits from other far right and Neo-nazi organizations, Vice reported last year.

A search warrant at Tobin’s home was executed on Nov. 7, seizing his electronics, which evidence showed internet search history that included several news articles about the synagogues that were targeted.


A video of someone firing at people in a mosque, documents about making plastic explosives, and photos of racist violence, guns were also discovered.

On Friday Tobin appeared in federal court in Camden, which has been consistently on the list of “Murder Capitals of America.”


U.S. Magistrate Judge Karen M. Williams ordered he be held before a detention hearing scheduled for next month.

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