Some Idiot Is Trying to Encourage Black Chicagoans to Snitch on Their Latino Neighbors and Get Them Deported

Snitches get stitches, fam. But it seems like the idiot who is trying to get black Chicagoans to report suspected undocumented residents to immigration agents doesn’t get that.


According to DNAinfo, a South Side alderman is currently blasting the “racist” flyers found in neighborhoods around the city, which claims that “Sanctuary city policies endanger the lively hood[sic] of every american [sic], while violating federal law and destroying the black community.”

The flyer offers an award of $3,000 to $10,000 “per illegal reported” and also asks that people “help Atty. General Jeff Sessions Help US Black People,” while providing a phone number that has been identified as the official tip line for the Department of Homeland Security.

First of all, why the hell would black people want to help Sessions, whose record with the black community is ... well ... fucked up.

And second, this reeks of a pretty bad hoax, since I doubt that anyone offering $3,000 to have “illegals” reported wouldn’t also have the resources to hire someone to check grammar and spelling, but I digress.

“The flyer offers outrageous and baseless claims that Latino immigrants are taking jobs away from African-American Chicagoans,” 15th Ward Alderman Raymond Lopez told DNAinfo. “Don’t fall for this phony argument.”


“This flyer is a fraud, and an effort by some nameless entity to divide us and get people to sell their own neighbors, like Judas Iscariot, for a few pieces of silver. We all know how history remembers Judas,” he added.

Lopez better preach.

According to Lopez’s office, the “racist” flyers have been seen in Chicago’s Englewood and Roseland neighborhoods, as well as near a West Pullman construction site and on the West Side.


Anyway, folks, remember that summer is upon us, which means it’s barbecue/cookout/bonfire season. So if you happen to see these papers flying around your neighborhood, be sure to collect them to add to your pit. I bet the hint of racist desperation adds a nice kick to your meat.

Read more at DNAinfo.


Where are my keys?

The flyer [...]asks that people “help Atty. General Jeff Sessions Help US Black People,”