So Now That the Dust Has Settled, Who's In and Who's Out of the NBA Bubble?

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When the NBA announced its plans to resume its NBA season at the ESPN Wide World of Sports in Orlando, it gave players two options: either partake in the festivities, and enjoy job perks like reduced salaries and being kept away from their families until after the first round of the playoffs, or stay home and play Xbox.


Players had until Wednesday to notify their teams of their decision. And while a complete list of participants has yet to be made available, you won’t be seeing any of the following when the NBA season officially returns on July 30.

Trevor Ariza, Portland Trail Blazers

Perhaps still reeling from the psychological trauma of getting nutmegged by Trae Young, the 16-year vet will skip contending for his second NBA title in order to enjoy some quality time with his son. Per ESPN, he was recently granted a one-month visitation period that conflicts with the NBA’s return. So Xbox it is.

Davis Bertans, Washington Wizards

Bertans isn’t stupid. After balling out on a sorry-ass Wizards squad that has absolutely no chance to make the playoffs, why risk injury when you have every intention to cash out in free agency and leave the team anyway? I’d stay my ass home too. In fact, why were the Wizards invited to the bubble again?


LeBron James Avery Bradley, Los Angles Lakers

In a perfect world, LeBron would stay his ass home so the Clippers could hurry up and enjoy their championship parade. But since he wants to be an asshole and play, I’ll keep my fingers crossed and pray he misses the rest of the season due to a hyperextended hairline. (Editor’s note from News Editor Monique Judge: Wow, what a fucking hater.)


His teammate, Avery Bradley, won’t be there though. His son, Liam, has a history of respiratory issues, and considering we’re in the middle of a global pandemic, Bradley understandably wants no parts of the NBA’s bubble.

“As committed to my Lakers teammates and the organization as I am, I ultimately play basketball for my family,” he told ESPN. “And so, at a time like this, I can’t imagine making any decision that might put my family’s health and well-being at even the slightest risk.”


Willie Cauley-Stein, Dallas Mavericks

Another guy who’s opted to put his family first is Willie Cauley-Stein. As enticing as riding the bench and avoiding rebounds like dodgeballs sounds, the five-year vet is expecting a baby in July, per Shams Charania of The Athletic.


I’m sure some other names of note will be revealed in the coming days, but in the interim, are you sure you don’t wanna sit this season out, LeBron? Anthony Davis? Kyle Kuzma?

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So what’s the over-under on when the NBA shuts this crazy hot mess of a idea down when the entire bench of the Rockets catch a case of Covid?