So Congress Can Hold a Weekend Session to Push the Confirmation of a Handmaid but Can’t Run Us Our Stimulus Money?

Amy Coney Barrett
Amy Coney Barrett
Photo: Anna Moneymaker (Getty Images)

Whenever I think of why people vote for Republicans, I always wonder if poverty doesn’t affect them. I wonder if high gas prices don’t hurt their pockets. I wonder if they couldn’t use a bit of a financial pick-me-up during these dark times. And then, I remember the 53 percent of white women in 2016 who voted against all of their own self-interest to royally fuck the rest of us with this orange-ass president.


So this weekend, Congress will continue the “Eat the cake, Anna Mae” proceedings in which they hear arguments for and against Judge Amy Coney Barrett before forcing her on to the Supreme Court a week before the presidential election. Never before in the history of America has a Supreme Court justice been nominated so close to an election, yet, here we are pushing this shit through while “Winter is coming!” in a fucking global pandemic and we still ain’t got no goddamn stimulus money. Unemployment is still paying people lemonade stand money, and America has no idea when and if this is going to change because Republicans are far too busy stacking the court with a woman who makes conservatives look like glow stick-swinging ravers.

According to the Hill, “The Senate is expected to be in session on both Saturday and Sunday debating Barrett’s nomination, though her confirmation is guaranteed absent an unlikely last-minute surprise.”

And that’s the rub. There is nothing that can be done to stop Barrett from replacing the most notorious Ruth Bader Ginsburg, so all of this is for show. In fact, senators are more concerned with whether they actually have to be in attendance for this dog-and-pony show or if they can participate by phone.

And this is all Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s doing. He, owner of the inflatable neck skin and discolored hands, has shown that the real power seat is the head of the Senate and not the White House. It was McConnell who boasted of his ability to keep Judge Merrick Garland off the Supreme Court during Obama’s final year in office, and it’s McConnell who is rushing Barrett onto the highest court in the land. It’s McConnell who refused to bring the House-approved coronavirus aid bill to the Senate floor for a vote months ago, and he’s still the reason that nothing has been done to aid those desperately in need now. He won’t argue in good faith with Nancy Pelosi and all of a sudden, has become a fiscal conservative when it suits his needs.

So America starves or remains out of work or unsure of how any of us are going to make it through the upcoming months, but conservatives can rest assured that they will have a person who looks and thinks like them on the Supreme Court because clearly, that’s all that matters right now in a fucking global pandemic.

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Don’t expect a stimulus bill in the lame duck session.

If Trump loses he will completely check out. He will do nothing. He will take off for Mara Lago and play golf. Will not even want to step foot in the WH. It wouldn’t even surprise me if doesn’t meet with Biden and leaves town before the inaugural.