Snoop Perrito? Your Favorite Rapper Blends G-Funk With Mexican Folk Music and It Slaps

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Being from Los Angeles, my ears have grown accustomed to hearing the airy sounds of Mariachi, Banda and Mexican folk music. It is as much a part of the L.A. soundtrack as Dr. Dre and Snoop. It is as much a part of our city’s culture as the elote man and buying fruit sprinkled with chili powder, lime and salt off of a cart on the corner by your house.


So I guess it’s only fitting that Snoop Dogg, whose name is synonymous with L.A. rap, has a new single out with a Mexican folk band out of Mazatlán, Banda Sinaloense MS de Sergio Lizárraga, or Banda MS for short.

The song, “Que Maldición,” is heavy on the bass, just as you would expect from a Snoop Dogg song, but it also includes the trademark brass horn section we have come to expect from banda music.

Loosely translated to mean “what a curse,” “Que Maldición” features Snoop rapping about how in love he is and how much he misses his woman when she leaves. The added touch is his signature drawl as he says in Spanglish, “Every time you leave there’s only one thing that I know. What’s that? Baby, yo te extraño.” That means he misses her, y’all.

Our Latinx cousins and many others on Twitter were very excited about the collaboration, as evidenced by Snoop trending early Friday morning.


Rolling Stone reports that the collaboration with Banda MS didn’t come out of thin air; the rapper was scheduled to perform with the group in July at a concert in Ontario, Calif. Now with the coronavirus in full effect, it is unclear whether or not that concert will still happen, but this song should satisfy everyone in the meantime.


So put on your sombrero, lace up your Chucks, roll a blunt, pour a shot of that Don Julio 1942 and check out the animated video for the song below.

Sí or no? Let us know in the comments.

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