The members of Tupac Shakur's former rap group, Outlawz, can't understand why people were so shocked by their admission last month that they honored the late star's memory by mixing his ashes with marijuana and smoking them after he was killed in Las Vegas in 1996. After all, that's what he would have wanted, they say.

Outlawz member E.D.I. Mean told, "I came up with that [bleep]. If you listen to [Shakur's song] 'Black Jesus,' he said, 'Last wishes, [bleep] smoke my ashes.' That was a request that he had. Now, how serious he was about it? We took it serious."


The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports that now, with the 15th anniversary of Shakur's death approaching, the group has vowed never to discuss the topic again, accusing the media of putting a negative spin on the bizarre ceremony. Critics, they say, "don't really understand."

"If you can't really respect our intentions, and the honor we was paying to our brother and our family member, then leave it alone and don't comment on it … ," E.D.I. Mean told, adding, "This is the last time any of us gonna be talking about this subject, because when you bring [bleep] up that people don't really understand, they take it and run with it and try to twist it and put they own spin on it [and] turn something positive and something that was special to us into some negative [bleep]." 


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