Smart, Funny and Black: Amanda Seales Has Created the Blackest Game Show Ever

Amanda Seales is a lot of things: comedian, intellect, actress, opinionated Instagram commentator, among many other labels. But did you know she’s also the host of one of the best game shows the world has ever seen?


Seales created Smart, Funny and Black, the blackest game show ever, that tests the bounds of some of your favorite celebrities’ blackness. With games like Hollaback. Amanda stopped by The Root’s office and told us all about her most favorite games.

“With Hollaback, our guests have to pull the name of a legendary black iconic woman and they have to holla at her through rap, spoken word or song.” This game has a bigger meaning. It shows the contestants’ smarts when it comes to historical references and their ability to hit on a woman without being disrespectful. This is why Amanda’s Smart, Funny and Black game show is dope; there’s always deeper meanings to her categories.

Everything Amanda does regarding Smart, Funny and Black has a deeper meaning. Take the Smart, Funny and Black t-shirt she’s wearing. Amanda told The Root that she created the shirt because “as black people, we have been denied the opportunity to have a connection to our ancestry in the same way that many people of Scotland, England, etc. have.”

The shirt is a crest that encompasses trajectories that all of us black folks can connect to in terms of our essence and identities. Now this is a game I can get behind. Check out the video above of Amanda Seales breaking down the game show, Smart, Funny and Black.

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OMG, I’ve seen this show and it is HILARIOUS, so much fun, and HELLA BLACK. When my friend forced me to buy a ticket, I had no idea what to expect. I cannot stress enough how cool and clever this woman and this show is. Go see it if you can!

I’m Woke Fam—WE READ! Any other Fams in the house? (You’ll know what it means if you see the show, lol.)