Shoe Company LeBron Jordan Incorporated Sues NBA Stars

LeBron James (Mike Ehram/Getty Images)
LeBron James (Mike Ehram/Getty Images)

AOL Black Voices is reporting that a shoe company calling itself Lebron Jordan Incorporated (LJI) is suing NBA stars LeBron James and Michael Jordan for interfering with a major deal:

According to the lawsuit, both LeBron and Jordan had their representatives at Nike and Live Nation threaten to sue LJI unless they put a halt on a line of basketball shoes they had marketed under the name Lebron Jordan. This action allegedly put the kibosh on a $900 million deal that LJI had in the works.


LJI's CEO Aaron Fraser insists that the company's name is in no way related to Michael Jordan or LeBron James, because his godsons, who just happened to be named Lebron and Jordan, are his company's namesake.

In addition, after reportedly researching the U.S. Trademark database, LJI says that their chosen name isn't registered:

"You could not even find that name combination on Google," according to LJI. "The negative press surrounding the threatened action against us has caused us to lose a multimillion-dollar deal in addition to declining sales because of the assumption that we have infringed on their respective trademarks," the company states in its lawsuit.

We’re dying to know whether Fraser was actually able to say the bit about his godsons with a straight face (and whether they were going to be the ones to star in the supposedly non NBA-related commercials).

Read more at AOL Black Voices.

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