'She's Damaging Our Children': Black Father of NYC 'Bagel Karen's' Biracial Children Speaks Out

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Listen: I’m not against interracial relationships. I mean, it couldn’t be me—but I understand that everyone’s journey to finding love is different, so I’m not here to judge. However, if you’re going to be a Black person with a white significant other—especially if you’re going to be procreating—please make sure your love interest isn’t a Klan-ish, anti-Black bigot who has no problem dropping n-bombs around their biracial children who they have also thanked the transatlantic slave trade for making possible.


By now, many of you have heard about Stephanie Denaro, aka “Bagel Klansmen”...I mean, “Bagel Karen,” the woman who repeatedly called a New York City bakery worker a “bitch-ass nigger” because he wouldn’t serve her unless she put on a mask.

Side note: We really are getting lazy with these Karen nicknames. “Bagel Karen?” Really? Nah; I refuse to use any name that doesn’t appropriately convey what a racist monster this woman is.

Becky-with-the-noose-in-her-pocket went on to defend her racism telling reporters, “You’re a bitch-ass n-word [is] a term they use”—knowing damn well she has never heard the word come out of a Black mouth with the hard R, and even if she opted to use “nigga,” she clearly didn’t learn from past viral incidents that she too can fuck around and find a Twisted Tea can upside her head.


All of my children have a Black father,” Lynching Linda continued.That’s a term I’ve heard them use all my life.”

In a recent interview with TMZ, the Black father of Nazi Nancy’s children, Durven Dawes, described the Klanmaid’s Tale leading lady’s rant as “race spitting poison.


“She’s responsible for her actions and she’s damag[ing] our children...by spitting poison out of her mouth,” Dawes said. “I have a problem with everybody using that form of language—even my own children.” He also said that Oppression Olga should get “proper mental care and be monitored effectively.

From TMZ:

His real concern is their 4 kids, who he believes are suffering emotional harm because of Stephanie’s disgusting demeanor. People in the bakery were shocked she’d used the slur in front of her biracial children — but Stephanie made it clear she didn’t give a crap.

Durven, who lost a custody battle with Stephanie, says her brazen actions make him fear for the children’s safety, and the bakery incident is just the tip of the iceberg. She’s posted several disturbing videos and photos — perhaps the worst of which was a photo of 2 of the kids with a caption that celebrated the transatlantic slave trade.

Shockingly, Durven says it’s not too late for Denaro to make things right. He explains how she can reassure him their kids are safe with her ... and also make amends with Victor Kamara, the bakery employee.


I’m not gonna lie: That last part has Dawes giving me major Get Out vibes.



Take these kids away from her immediately. Full stop. No “well you get to see them during...” No, you lost that right. For good.