When The View co-host was threatened with violence on Twitter, she decided to fight back publicly. But Clutch magazine's Danielle C. Belton says that was her biggest mistake.

Oh, Internet! The land where the weak become strong and the strong become morons. Where even the most intelligent person can be lowered by the discourse that — due to its much celebrated anonymity — can devolve quickly into 8th grade name-calling, racist rants, and misogyny.

Shepherd, though, decided she wasn’t just going to turn the other cheek when a user on Twitter suggested that she be dragged into a back alley and raped …

Naturally, getting rid of online stalkers, trolls, and other abusive types broadcasting from their mother’s basement, proclaiming themselves Internet heroes is easier said than done. While it may have been satisfying for Shepherd initially, she has fallen for the ultimate troll trap.

She fed them. And you never, ever feed a troll.

Read Danielle C. Belton's entire piece at Clutch magazine.

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