Shawty Lo: Lincoln Freed Us for This?

Shawty Lo; President Abraham Lincoln (Getty Images; Hulton Archive/Archive Photos/Getty Images)

Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page says that All My Babies' Mamas — the story of rapper Shawty Lo and his 11 children with 10 different women — is just one example of new forms of slavery that we impose on ourselves.

No slavery is quite as pernicious as that which we impose on ourselves …

Lincoln's moves also freed several of my own ancestors, for which I thank him.

But, sad to say, today we have newer forms of slavery that we impose on ourselves …

The Oxygen cable television network has announced production of a new one-hour reality-based special that makes TLC's "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" sound like PBS' "Masterpiece Theater."

The program, as the press release puts, reveals "the complicated lives" of Atlanta-based rap star and music entrepreneur Carlos "Shawty Lo" Walker and his household family of 10 — yes, 10 — women and the 11 children to whom they have given birth and are raising without the benefit of marriage.

And the program's title? Brace yourself. It is "All My Babies' Mamas."

My reaction after watching a 13-minute preview on YouTube? "What were they thinking?"

And, "Lincoln freed us for this?" …

Read Clarence Page's entire piece at the Chicago Tribune.

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