Seth and Rihanna Go Day Drinking

The Late Night with Seth Meyers host went on to explain that their age difference played a major factor in how they handled their alcohol. Rih was seemingly fine after the hours they spent consuming crazy drinks, while Meyers was decidedly not fine.


“Well, first of all, I should note that…I hate to break the news here: she’s younger than me. We drank the same amount and then she definitely went out,” he said. “Like, she was fine. She walked out, she looked as good as she did when we started.”

Apparently, once he made it home, Seth’s wife was completely unimpressed with his condition.

“I went home, immediately fell asleep in the hallway of my apartment. Got in the door, fell asleep,” he said. “My wife—passive-aggressively, James—put a water next to my head and went to bed.”

During the segment, Seth makes wild drinks based on popular Rihanna songs. Then he tests her on her most famous fashion looks, with the loser forced to drink. She uses Fenty Beauty to give him makeup tips, and of course, offers him advice on his sex life. It’s one of the funniest versions of the comedy bit, and now that we know it’s the drunkest Seth has ever been, it’s even more hilarious.