Serena Williams Didn’t Mean to Tell the World She Was Pregnant

Robert Prezioso/Getty Images
Robert Prezioso/Getty Images

Serena Williams had every intention of sharing her pregnancy with the public—just not as soon as she did.


The story goes like this: Williams had been chronicling her pregnancy with personal photos when she accidentally pressed the wrong button and sent one of those photos out on Snapchat.

It was a photo of Williams with the caption “20 weeks,” and it didn’t take long for fans and friends to put two and two together.

“I was on vacation, taking time for myself, and I have this thing where I’ve been checking my status and taking a picture every week,” Williams told Gayle King at the TED2017 Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, on Tuesday night, ESPN reports. “I’ve been just saving it, but you know how social media is—you press the wrong button and ...

“My phone doesn’t ring that much, and 30 minutes later, I’d missed four calls. So I picked it up and realized, ‘Oh no,’” she continued.

Williams found the whole situation amusing and added that she wasn’t upset, since she planned on sharing the news in a few weeks.


Williams told King that after learning she was pregnant, just two weeks before the Australian Open, she was nervous about playing, but she did, and she won because she’s awesome. That victory gave her a record-setting 23rd grand slam, according to ESPN.

“I wasn’t sure what to do. Can I play?” Williams said. “I know it’s very dangerous in the first 12 weeks or so, so I had a lot of questions.”


Williams said that she will be back on the court after having her baby and added, “My baby is going to be in the stands, hopefully cheering for me and not crying too much.”

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