Serena Williams Announces Engagement to Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian 
Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian

Tennis superstar Serena Williams announced Thursday afternoon that she is engaged to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. The 35-year-old broke the news in the most fitting way possible: by posting the following poem she wrote to her beloved on Reddit:

I came home
A little late
Someone had a bag packed for me
And a carriage awaited
Destination: Rome
To escort me to my very own "charming"
Back to where our stars first collided
And now it was full circle
At the same table we first met by chance
This time he made it not by chance
But by choice
Down on one knee
He said 4 words


The post was illustrated with a drawing Ohanian drew for Williams when asking for her hand:

 Drawing Alexis Ohanian made for Serena Williams
Drawing Alexis Ohanian made for Serena Williams

Ohanian, 33,  responded to Williams’s post with this: “And you made me the happiest man on the planet. Also—you’re a really cute Snoo. As I was drawing this for you, I thought, ‘Our Snoos should go out on a date sometime.’”

If that is not the cutest thing you have seen today, you must not appreciate cute and sappy things.

Williams and Ohanian began dating in 2015 but kept their relationship low profile, which is a change from other high-profile relationships Williams has been in with the likes of Drake and Common.

Both Williams and Ohanian are big names in their respective fields.

With 22 grand-slam singles titles to her name, Williams is considered one of the best tennis players of all time, male or female, and according to Forbes, she is the highest-paid female athlete in the world, having earned $28.9 million.


Ohanian co-founded Reddit, a user-generated newsite, in 2005 with college roommate Steve Huffman and sold it a year later to Conde Nast. He has been called “the internet’s own cheerleader” by the New York Times and “mayor of the internet” by Forbes.

We wish the happy couple all the best.

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